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I do not enjoy working with my "boss"
I am a RN in a leadership role. I have a "lead" to whom I report. She is very much a "rule follower" and very difficult for me to understand. My view of the policy and rules is very different. I find policy to be a guideline, not a black and white rule. I will err on the side of humanity as long as the spirit of the policy is followed and she will stay to her interpretation of black and white policy. We have been butting heads in the current "covid" crisis in the hospital. I am actively seeking another role in leadership because she is annoying me enough to make me insane even when I am home. It is interfering with my work-life balance. Our team is small, and she micromanages me to tears. We have no autonomy and zero recognition right now despite working tirelessly to staff and care for a hospital under siege. The leadership in the hospital is small and I am very worried that the level of leadership I need will ask her opinion of me for future interviews. I either need to briefly repair this relationship (and that does not feel authentic to me) OR I need to find a position outside of this hospital. OR? help. I am limited to my choices and jobs for RN's in this level of leadership are few and far between. I am even tempted to take a cut in pay in order to get away from her. I love this job for the most part and I am not happy with myself for allowing this level of annoyance. Our team is small and incredibly dysfunctional related to the way she "leads". She is the kid in class that did not know any of the answers but raised her hand every time there was a question saying "pick me". If she is not the one recognized no one is. She has also allowed a very unprofessional night shifter to make it out of THREE administrative leaves (brought on by complaints lodged against him) to remain because she doesn't want to cover his nightshifts. help. I am exhausted from battling both her "rules" and the current pandemic.

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