PSG of Mercer County presents "The Power of a Positive Attitude, hosted by Joey Himelfarb | Fairygodboss
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Ken Farer
Transformation | Strategy | Operations | Lean
PSG of Mercer County presents "The Power of a Positive Attitude, hosted by Joey Himelfarb
Attitude is a collection of your beliefs, feelings, and thoughts about your inner self and the outer world. Consequently, your attitude is in constant flux as a result of the daily changes occurring in and around you. And so, sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down. Sometimes the world is your oyster, other times you want to live on another planet. There are days when you're on Cloud 9 and then there are days when you want to crawl under a rock. Regardless of the circumstances though, when it comes to your attitude, positive beats negative every day. Now there's no guarantee that a positive attitude will get you what you want, but a negative attitude probably won't. Join for a thought provoking, highly interactive, and entertaining program that will address why and how your attitude impacts your ability to sell yourself in your professional and personal life – a job search, your business, your relationships or even your daily activities. 1) Learn why taking responsibility for your attitude is, well, your responsibility. Duh! 2) Discover how self-fulfilling prophecies hold you down or set you free. Hint: you become what you think about. 3) Tap into ways you can modify your attitude to favor your efforts. Get what you want. When & Where: Friday, November 6, 2020 Webinar will open by 9:45am. Presentation start time: 10:00am Followed by Open Networking / Open Mic The meeting is free to attend. No registration is required. To retrieve the GoToMeeting link, please visit the PSG's Event Calendar and open the event for this meeting date: https://www.psgofmercercounty.org/p/event-calendar.html
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