> When you're taking about your lay off include the following information: -Be honest -Don't badmouth your former employer -Use data and numbers to highlight results/value -Fill in the gap and let them know what you've been doing during the transition - make sure this relates to how you can do the job and stand out >> What this can look like: "Unfortunately, I was one of the many/one of the handful of people that were impacted by the recent layoffs at [Company]. While it was unexpected, I am ready to move forward and am excited about how I can support your team in [Role]. Before the layoff, I was working on [project/client/responsibility] which lead to [result]. Based on my understanding of the role, you're looking for someone that can bring that type of value to your team and I'm glad that I can meet with you today to learn more about what you're looking for." While the way you look for a job may not be that different during a recession, but the way you show up and communicate will make all the difference." content="Fairygodboss" /> What you need to know about finding a job during a recession. | Fairygodboss