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Old methods in a new industry
Hello all! So, I work for a company that sells our product out of larger retail stores like Sam’s Club. We go through quite a bit of training, and it’s a constant learning experience because it’s technology based. It’s a pretty good job, considering I came from restaurant work. During the pandemic, this job is less risky for an immunocompromised individual such as myself to work work in. I really enjoy the people I work with...my two bosses are great, very kind, and we all get along really well. The problem I have is how we are expected to actually sell our product. The company’s way of approaching people, I feel, is very outdated and annoying. They want us to literally walk around the store and try to bring people back to electronics to try and push them to buy our products. It’s VERY pushy. Had I known that, I probably wouldn’t have taken the job to begin with. They call it “prospecting for clients”, and it just feels wrong to me. Let me provide an example... I used to work for a very high end makeup company, and the way they taught us to “sell” our product is to not sell it at all...the product sells itself. They don’t advertise. We weren’t pushy or aggressive. It was more laid back. I am not an aggressive, pushy, or money-hungry person. I am having a really hard time sell our product because of the way they want us to approach people, and it’s really affecting me. I worry all the time at work. I get these little panic moments when someone comes to the department. It’s really frustrating because I feel so WRONG being that annoying sales person that keeps picking at someone to buy our product! What the hell can I do to make this situation better?!?! I have yet to achieve one of the goals my boss wants me to hit, and he’s really starting to come down on me. What can I do to gain that “hunter’s mentality” with this job? How can I be comfortable selling our product when I’m not comfortable selling like they want me to?! Any bits of advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

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