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Jazzy McGruder
"There Are Two Sides of Everything"
When you want to impress your peers, your boss, your co-workers, your family, and foes you become sort of hindered. The previously mentioned groups are the determining factors on how the "New Chapter" begins. Yes, it all begins with "...what I want, need, and have to do." Side A: Decision Making. We have opened a can of worms, for decision making has Oh; so many ways of working your nerves. You could either get in tuned with the intuitive part or the reasoning part. Intuitive decision comes from the soul, your experiences, abilities, and will. When it comes to decision making based on reasoning, “pull up a chair,” this is going to take a minute, or maybe several. Reasoning includes facts, data, your third-grade teacher, and even the neighbor’s dog. Decision making is starting to resemble a beautiful blooming Cherry Blossom Tree. You become stalled at times, realizing that the right decision is just as important as pruning in a garden. REMEMBER ME: "Proper pruning results in higher quality production and larger yields." I believe taking a moment or two, to look at the "goal' before executing a very important decision is necessary. But child, don't tarry long. You have life waiting on you. From all the seen and unrevealed parts of the Earth, "Life Coaches" have written, monologued, and visualized presentations of DECISION MAKING. But that's it, you decided to grasp information from it, notes jotted down, ideas nestled in our cerebrum. Plans that require decision making. Say it with me! Decision making. "Should I Stay, Or Should I Go" - The Clash (1976). Do I stay at this level of the tier? Prepare? Who do I trust? What color shoes do I wear with that ‘presentation” outfit? Sister girl, it’s a process but at least you’ve made the decision to read this, now move forward. Side B: Executing My Expression. “Stop! Hammer time”- MC Hammer (1990). Where I’m going with this? Glad you DECIDED to ask. I wanted you to take a moment and breathe, take time to look at yourself, and the “good” mess you’ve made. It’s time to get ourselves together. Speak now, or forever hold your peace. Make the perspective of our goals come in to the clear. When it comes to becoming productive, successful, and noticed RESPECTFULLY, execution tops it all. I don’t care how long you’ve decided, or planned or strategized, nothing will happen if you don't get it done. You have decided on what route to take, made all the calls, plotted points of interest, build up the nerves, and it’s a go. Whew! I need to practice what I preach! And I am Sam, or should I say Samantha. Now, the deciding time to execute the tips, and move forward. We are adding life to a goal that is accomplishable, doable, and downright productive. REMEMBER ME: Less haste, less waste. Trust me, I am just afraid as you are. Especially when I decided to write this excerpt. Because I am very sensitive when it comes to my art. “But I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadow…” Greatest Love of All-Whitney Houston’s version (1985). Until then, be the determined beautiful you.
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