Filing Wrongful Termination-is it Worth it? | Fairygodboss
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Filing Wrongful Termination-is it Worth it?
I recently had acquired a job that began making racist comments during the training. When I had stood up for myself, the person I talked to found a reason to get me fired. Not only was there retaliation after the racism, but they didn't consider my disability when they were debating whether or not to fire me. Here's the kicker: 1) I've made an inquiry to the EEOC and I can't find any opening to schedule a phone call to discuss more into what happened (thanks COVID.) 2) I have no paper proof except for a written dialog of every discussion that was made leading up to my termination and the discussion while I was being terminated. I've been treated like this by many other companies too many times, and I'd hate for anybody else going into that particular company/already working with that company to experience what I just did. Even if I'm 100% positive that what happened to me was Wrongful Termination, discrimination of Race and Disability, and Retaliation, do you think it's worth filing a complaint to the EEOC or finding a lawyer if I only have written proof? (I would go into more detail, but if I do go further with an investigation I don't want the company I'm suing to find my name on this site and any plans I have to fight for my rights.)
User deleted comment on 12/02/20 at 2:41AM UTC

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