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I need to let out frustrations.
Thank you for your patience. Since Friday, I have not had a printer because my supervisor gave it to someone whose printer was not properly working. I had no problem with that because in my mind, I could find a way to work around it. Yesterday, someone had a vacation day so I used his computer and printer. I did not think that it would be a problem, in fact, I used it as little as possible. Well, today, as soon as I walked in the door, he gave me an earful, telling me not to use his area again. I explained that I did not mean any harm, but, the printer in my area was not working (supervisor hooked up another printer, but, to no avail). He explained that because of the covid, he does not like for anyone to use his equipment and that when he came in, his area was dusty, I apologized and said that I did try to dust it a little. After a while, he said to someone else, "Since I am an officer, let me know if someone uses my computer and I will write him/her up". I thought that he was being a jackass (pardon me). Later, I was reprimanded for being behind in my office settlements (a few days) and was not given a chance to explain. I have not been in a proper frame of mind since mid December because I was experiencing sensitivity in my teeth, resulting in having had two wisdom teeth pulled earlier in January of this year. I was also due to go on vacation between Christmas and New Year, therefore, I worked very hard to have everything up to date, although I was putting my health in jeopardy. Let me add that it was my supervisor's superior who reprimanded me. I work hard every day. There are times that I do things that I could have someone else do ,but, there are times that I delegate as well. Any duties that are not important I take care of right away. I feel a little calmer now, but, at the same time, I am considering putting in my resignation at the end of this month.
User deleted comment on 02/04/21 at 12:22AM UTC

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