I work for a company with about 30 people and I feel the company's owner is really negligent in respect to our health and safety. | Fairygodboss
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I work for a company with about 30 people and I feel the company's owner is really negligent in respect to our health and safety.
I really love my job, but feel for my own safety I should look elsewhere. Am I being drama? What could I say to him to make him change his mind? The company never went remote during this past year even though we are set up to do it. If we were quarantined because of our kid in school, we could work from home, but else it was forbidden. I caught Covid in the fall, not sure how and they did support me working from home for the full time my doctor recommended. Of the 30 of us, 15 have gotten covid. They even did a company event in the summer and 8 people caught it then. Employees have always gotten the feeling that they are more bothered by the restrictions and think masks are silly. Now fast forward to today... I live in the midwest where it has been snowing for days. Today was really bad and the roads are not safe. To be honest, I also don't want to wreck my new car. I asked if I could just work from home today and he replied that the roads are not bad and if I don't come in, I can use a PTO day instead. The plows have not come through even the major roads, so I am not sure what he is seeing. I still need to work since I have a project due this week. I drove over an hour to go 10 miles to the office and then got stuck here. I complained to HR and they said I have the option of PTO, I don't have to come in. But I still have a deadline. I have never felt so minimized in my entire career. Why am I being treated like a 16-year-old vs a manager? According to HR, they have had issues in the past and need to treat everyone the same. Do others have this bad weather policy, is it normal? If not, how can I get my boss to understand that my safety should be his concern? Thank you!

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