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Job Posted with Staffing Co
I recently saw a job posted on job board and I applied for it. I was contacted by a staffing co. who told me more about the position and what the company was looking for in a candidate. After our conversation I went to the company's website and saw a list of open positions, but not the job I applied to. The recruiter called me the next day saying that the company wanted to set up an interview. I asked her if there was a reason why the company hadn't posted the position on their website, and she stated it was a new position. The answer didn't make sense to me. I did some further research and decided to call the exact department within the company. It was a long shot, but the department manager answered the phone, so clearly the position wasn't new because there was someone in the role. We had a brief conversation as I stated that I was returning a call in regards to an interview and she let me know that her department wasn't hiring. I called the recruiter back and declined the interview. She asked me why because from my resume I seemed to be a great fit. I told her because there seemed to be a lack of transparency, and it appeared that either the company was planning to let the person go who was in the role or that her company wasn't that familiar with the organization they were hiring for, but either way it wasn't for me. Has this happened to anyone else?

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