I’m not sure whether or not I should ask my job for a raise. | Fairygodboss
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I’m not sure whether or not I should ask my job for a raise.
My work is adding another job responsibility to my list of job duties that is not in my job description, but is not compensating me accordingly. Also, I speak another language, so the person who’s job it is to do it, cannot for those who speak a different land gauge. It’s not just translating. This is literally doing another task because you are spending time with the client. I’m the first to admit I’m not the most confident person to go and ask for a raise. I understand it’s COVID-19 and my company is on a budget, but in my job description management loves to cling to the last line “and other duties assigned.” I believe this is a matter of proving my worth and not allowing others to take advantage of me in the workplace. I understand that we need to be team players, but coming from an employee perspective, it’s really frustrating to know that management delegates tasks to others especially when they know that it is not in their job description. I have informed the manager in charge of this task before that I am not comfortable doing this task. I want to remain anonymous which is why I do not mention the task I am asked to do. This task has been assigned to me before, I set my boundaries, and did not do it. Management was not happy, but now this certain task can only be done by our team, instead of all teams having being able to do this task before. What’s very frustrating also is that before, this assessment was constantly denied by another person at the company who’s job it was do for this assessment and they let them off the hook. Always. I know that if I agree to “help” with this task, it opens up the opportunity for me to do way more work and interfere with my current workload. I’m asking for some advice on what to do. I really feel like the company treats different teams differently and I’m not sure if that is something I can bring up with management. I want to ask those who respond, to please keep in mind that not everyone is the same, and that women are still learning their value in the workplace. Many of us are developing ourselves professionally and have many odds against us already. “That’s just how it goes” answers to not really help.
User deleted comment on 02/24/21 at 12:22AM UTC

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