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Asked to "Do the Job" as Part of Interview Process
I have been interviewing with a company and have already had multiple interviews with various stakeholders. As part of the final interview process, they informed me that I would need to give a presentation. I thought to myself, "No problem! I am quite comfortable doing that." However, when the instructions arrived, I was surprised about the presentation's topic, as it seems to me that they are looking for me to do a critical part of the job (strategy), before being paid. The presentation prompt was "Given what you know about the role, what is your strategy to execute on supporting the company’s growth as we significantly increase the headcount year over year for the next 3 years? Please include resources such as headcount, tools and budget, you will need in order to execute, as well as assumptions you’ll use as you go through the presentation." I honestly thought the presentation I'd be doing would be topic related to the role-- such as on motivation, leadership, emotional intelligence, etc. When I saw the topic prompt was this, my immediate (and since, lingering) thought has been that they want me to outline my 3 year strategy for the role, and get it for free. They could still hire someone else and then tell that person, "execute on this 3 year plan we had someone else create." As a consultant, this is work I would get paid for if it were one of my clients asking for it. I think this is a big red flag (there were other red flags also throughout the process), but what do you think? --

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