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in need of advice
hi I don’t really have anyone to talk to at the moment so I hope you don’t mind if I talk here. I feel out with one of my only friends as I found out she was doing something awful to me (for personal reasons I would rather not say) I have close to no friends, I don’t have a group, all my other friends choose popularity over me and I just feel so alone all the time. I dread going into school, feeling the pain of simply being alone in a room full of people and I’m constantly holding back tears. Every night when I get home I cry for hours because I feel so alone and have no real friends. I have anxiety about simple things like finding someone to have lunch with or be partners with for a project or walk to class with. I cannot describe the effect it’s having on me and how hopeless I feel. Teenagers like me should be going out to party’s, seeing their friends and loving their teenage years but I’m constantly so scared I’m wasting them and I’m a loser for having no real friends and being social awkward and anxious. At this point I have nobody to turn to and I don’t know what to do because I just feel so unhappy all the time. I have tried different clubs and everything you can think of to make friends but I’m just so socially awkward and fixated on others opinions that I simply cannot make more friends because I’m such a boring meaningless person to be around. This has been making my mental health increasingly worse and I feel so unmotivated in everything I do, constantly telling myself “it doesn’t matter” when I try to do a piece of homework and give up. Should I seek a doctors opinion, please give me some advice.

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