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Sarah Harrison
Experienced Recruiter UK
Mental Health! The importance of spreading awareness
Mental Health is such a huge topic and one that is very close to home for me. I was medically diagnosed in 2012 at the age of 24 as having Panic Disorder afters years of suffering and not realising what was happening; as well as having a history of depression. What still saddens me to this day is the lack of support/understanding there is even now in 2020. I wont put some of the inane things I have been subjected to when opening up as I do not want to trigger anyone. However more needs to be done to end the stigma around mental health and also the term "mental illness" , it is nothing to be ashamed off. We openly discuss physical injury? Why not injury of the mind as that is in a simplistic way what it is! Our mental health is so important along with physical health, when our mental health is in a bad shape it starts a snowball effect of other things slipping. What I am trying to do is raise awareness and normalising being able to speak freely and say to our family/friends/colleagues/employers - I AM NOT OKAY, I NEED HELP. We should be able to say this without added stress of a stigma that is unwarranted. From a personal perspective, I want to help and support and my little piece is that I am taking a course to become a Qualified Mental Health First Aider ( valid UK/Scotland), as well as a participant of Anxiety UK's community, where I get the opportunity to help with book reviews, creating testimonials to support others in the same situation as myself. Even if you do not suffer the biggest help you can offer is a friendly ear to listen it means more to us than you can ever know! If you have read this thank you so much, if you have any questions around this topic please do reach out! To those who struggle with your mental health, remember this - YOU ARE WORTH IT, YOU ARE ENOUGH & IT IS TRULY OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY!
User deleted comment on 12/25/20 at 2:33PM UTC

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