Company transition is causing some unrest - Boss is now leaving, do I step up and fill her shoes or abandon ship? | Fairygodboss
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Company transition is causing some unrest - Boss is now leaving, do I step up and fill her shoes or abandon ship?
(apologizing in advance for this being a bit long, I like details and I think they're important) I work for a small energy consulting firm, and we were actually purchased and going through a transition and will be 100% this new company come 1/1/2021. The last few months have felt rough (maybe more for me personally than everyone), the company that bought us (and upper management) has been telling us that this will be better, and the employees will be benefitted equally & fairly (I should add that we had pretty decent benefits at our original company). They added some compensation to our salaries for next year to balance out the loss in some benefits (extra insurance premiums, less of a 401k match, probably some other background items). It has seemed like overall this might be good for the company, and they keep saying that they're all about valuing their employees - but so far all I've heard is them talk the talk and not really walk the walk. I know it's hard to really know how things will be once the transition is complete, but right now it's hard to see that future. Some things that haven't really sat well with me start all the way back when we were purchased in Sept. 2019. Typically we receive a mid year bonus as well as an end of the year bonus. Well when the purchase was finalized we had just received our mid year bonus, as well as an additional selling the company bonus (this was not even half of my mid year bonus which is typically about half of my end of the year bonus). We never received an end of the year bonus because the company that purchased us determined that the selling the company bonus qualified, this was unfortunate, but I figured things would just be different. Well then we switched to their review schedule which meant instead of getting our raises at the end of the year, we had to wait 4 extra months, and they weren't going to back pay to the new year - once again it sucks but we keep getting told things will be better. Well now when I get my raise, but boss said that she was given a budget to have to allocate throughout her team and determine how to give people their raises (I'm sure this may be typical for larger companies, but it wasn't typical at ours) this meant she wasn't able to give me the raise she thought I deserved (that last year I had taken on managing 4 additional people as well as managing a new program). This was sort of red flag number 2. Obviously going into 2020 things have been chaotic, but the company that purchased us had been pretty hands off (a few meetings here and there, but now big policy changes). This is where I start to get pretty frustrated. My husband and I found out the end of July that we are expecting! This is great, I reviewed our current companies policy for maternity leave and was pretty pleased and was just looking forward to continuing to work. This policy is 8-10 weeks (depending on how you deliver) 100% paid leave, and you can take the additional 2-4 weeks unpaid (FMLA), or use your vacation/sick time to supplement the time. Well as we went into early fall, we had meetings with the new company to discuss some of the new changes to our policies and benefits. They sent out their employee handbook which had their maternity leave policy, however it didn't really note their policy it mostly talked about New York & California policy (because they have offices there and I believe there is state wide policy) so I set up a meeting to talk with our new HR person. That call went fine, but the HR person tried to tell me their policy is way better than what our current company offers (sounds great, right?) - their policy is 6-8 weeks at 60% of my pay and then the other 4-6 weeks unpaid or they can be supplemented with PTO . It's a bare minimum, short term disability policy, nothing extra. I went back and reviewed both our policy and theirs and called the HR manager out and said that this policy wasn't better as she initially had said. Overall she came back and admitted this wasn't actually better. Now I bring my boss in to the loop on this policy, she agrees that this isn't really better, and is something they could improve. She got involved and tried from her position to lobby for them to change the policy. Basically after 2.5 months of this, they said they can't change anything because it wouldn't be fair to do something differently for our company vs. when they took over other companies. I'm probably going into too much detail on my own personal thoughts, but I think it's important to know about to help give me some advice on my situation. We're nearing the end of the year and since the beginning of December 3 people have put in their two weeks notice, one of them being my boss. I love my boss, she's the first person I've worked for at my first job out of college and she's amazing at advocating for her employees and was always giving me opportunities to prove myself. Her leaving does have a lot to do with the transition, there were some upper level management items that she had to deal with and she wasn't feeling like there was a lot of growth for her in her position. She also informed us she is pregnant as well now (14 weeks). I am pretty upset that I'm losing such a great leader/mentor like her, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do. I am currently 6 months pregnant, due at the end of March. My plan before she left was to see how things play out, if they give me a promotion in March (my boss told me that I'm at the top of their list), what does my raise/bonus look like, and just in general how things go once we are 100% a part of this new company. If I didn't like how things were going, I was likely going to spend some of my maternity leave job hunting. With my boss leaving, I feel I have the opportunity to get some additional experience by taking over some of her responsibilities. Out of everyone on the team, I am probably the best suited. However I'm not sure I would want to take on that responsibility if I'm unhappy with how things are going so far. I wouldn't want to take that on and then leave the company hanging because I should just get a better offer somewhere else. I'm only 26 and the experience would be great, and I can do this for a couple years and then leave for greener pastures (if I'm still unhappy). Or should I take my bosses leaving as a sign that I should as well? (TL/DR) Boss leaving because new company policies kinda seem to suck. Should I step up and take her responsibilities, or spend my maternity leave job hunting?

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