In June 2019 I was hired for a position with the State. | Fairygodboss
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In June 2019 I was hired for a position with the State.
I started working at a location as a counselor. At the time that I was hired, there was another type of position, service representative, that had more responsibilities compared to counselors. Service representatives also are paid a much higher salary. In November 2019 I was informed that the state was doing away with service representatives. I was informed all service representatives and counselors would now be known just as counselors. I was informed that we all would now have the same job responsibilities. No pay raise was provided, and I started handling all the responsibilities of an counselor and the responsibilities of a service representative. The state employees working as counselors were literally told one day that we now handle the same responsibilities as service representatives, I started seeing customers with these new duties with no training at all. I had no training or experience in these new services I was providing to the public. January 2020 I had the opportunity to transfer to a location closer to my home Both the old location where I worked and this new location are managed by a contractor nonprofit. At the old location where I worked, there are multiple state employees. At the new location, I am the only state employee. Everyone else in the office works for the contractor including all management. I transferred to the new location hoping to receive training on all these new services I was providing. I still have not received the necessary training and after voicing multiple times how stressful it is to conduct these services without training, I was finally enrolled in some training. However, the training does not start until March/April 2021. I am still seeing customers in which I have not been trained in the services being provided. It is very upsetting to me and very stressful to not know exactly what I am to be doing. The managers are constantly telling me how I do everything wrong, I have the emails and conversations documented. These services I am providing are very serious, financial aid and government assistance for example. It isn't something I should be doing without special training. I am treated extremely different as the only state employee in the office. My contractor co-workers receive much better treatment from the managers. I have been mobbed by management and there has not been a day that goes by that I don't cry because of the frustration as well as the disrespect I constantly receive. I am dedicated to serving my community, the office has been dedicated to harassing and degrading me. I have been making note of every hostile thing they have put me through.   The office I work out of only has counselors. However, not all counselors handle all services. I however handle all services, even what was previously considered only service representative work. What I find interesting is that out of all the offices in the metropolitan , the office I work out of is the only office that has done away with the service representative role and title.  I also find it interesting that all the counselors in my office don't all have the same job responsibilities. I have two daughters to provide for and do not want to quit this job. I really love helping people, that is why I applied for the job. It is getting to the point where I cannot tolerate the horrible treatment. I have documented everything, even recorded conversations (legal in my state). I went to HR a year ago when I was forced to start working these new job responsibilities without training. HR told me I was coming across as uncoachable. I backed down because I need my job. I have started applying at places. I really hate to lose my state benefits. I don't know what else I can do besides quit. It is hard to go to work everyday where I am called names and attempts are made to make me feel ignorant and worthless. Any advice is really appreciated. Thank you for listening to me.

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