doesn't say whether they've actually applied to the job 2> presumes they are the only person on all of LI who has the title they have/had 3> presumes my time is less important than theirs or ALL THE PEOPLE who have applied to the job and I have the responsibility to review and actually talk to 4> presumes that they are the only person sending this message and therefore a "quick chat" wouldn't impede on my business day - well "a quick chat" X 200 similar requests each month (that's conservative) turns into about 100 hours a month NOT DOING MY JOB in order to help someone who didn't want to apply and heard some "pundit" tell them that this is the way to ditch the system and actually get hired. Let me be clear - I KNOW it's hard to find a job particularly in some industries - and I don't blame the potential candidate. I BLAME the person trying to make a few thousand bucks off the candidates who are already vulnerable and starting to feel dread about the job search. There are other ways to help job seekers as a coach. I'd love to find the person selling this template (even if it's their free "lead magnet" )and give them a stern talking to." content="Fairygodboss" /> Who is telling candidates to use this to "connect" with recruiters? | Fairygodboss