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My Grinch of a Boss
2020 has been an incredible challenge for so many working professionals and I'd like to commend everyone for doing their best and adjusting however they are able in a pandemic environment. My current role is laboratory manager in a non-essential field, however, my bosses have somehow deemed us essential. While I am happy to still have my job, I am disappointed by the treatment my team and I have received since the onset of the pandemic. Everyone in the company was sent to WFH immediately except for the lab. They are all permitted to create their own schedules of when they will come into the office or stay home. The lab was forced to remain as a 5 day a week operation, no other options were presented or permitted to be discussed. My team obviously needs to be onsite to do their jobs, but a modified schedule for their safety would have been appreciated by all. We didn't stop working for one single day, not even to come up with a plan to keep everyone as safe as possible. Flash forward to this month. In December alone we have been through 1 completed quarantine and are in the midst of our second. Yesterday, the last working day before the holiday, while waiting for my dr appt to get COVID tested again, I got a call from my boss. I thought she was going to say something like, 'We are grateful to you and your team for running the lab in 2020 and keeping up with customer demand. I'm sorry you won't get to see any of your family for the holiday due to isolation requirements. I hope you all test negative. See you in 2021.' Instead I received a verbal lashing over untruths and misconceptions from my boss who has been home and only in the office or lab a handful of times since March. She is so far removed from what we do in the lab, she was livid over things that no longer happen since process improvements were made over the past few years. She belittled and attacked me in a very personal way in an emotional outburst. After a very long, exhausting, and stressful year, this is the straw that broke me. I have to be done with this toxic work environment. The purpose of my post is to let others experiencing the same type of treatment in the workplace, you are not alone. I am actively job searching and updating my profiles with a major goal for early 2021 being a new career where my hard work and dedication is appreciated. Also, if there are any excellent groups or resources on FGB, please share them so we can all support and help one another out. I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season. Take care of yourselves and know your worth. Cheers to a happier and healthier 2021!

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