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I'm in a strange position.
I was laid off (for the second time in the pandemic) in November. I'm really seeing progress in my job search now - almost too much! I had a recruiter contact me about a contract role in my field. He gave me the rate and I said if he could get them to come up to $100k equivalent, I'd be willing to talk to the client. During the interview, the director said she only had funding through the end of March. Anyway, I got an offer, equivalent to $95k. When I asked what happened to the $100k, the recruiter told me "this is the offer." When I asked about the length of the contract, he told me "they tell everyone that but the last person we placed there was just assigned to a one year project." Anyway, I accepted the offer because it's still better than unemployment. I'm now scheduled to start on Monday. In the meantime, I was contacted at the end of last week about four other jobs. All of them are either permanent or contract to hire. The salaried roles are actually in the range I was looking for. The contract to hire would start at a contract rate of $70/hr - almost 50% more than the gig I accepted, and more than I was making when I was laid off the last time. I had interviews with all of them yesterday. One doesn't interest me; the others have scheduled the next round of interviews for later this week. Part of me feels like I was suckered into a bait and switch with this job. Part of me thinks I need to be prepared for the contract to end in March. And part of me thinks that continuing to look and leaving early (or rescinding my acceptance) will make me look bad.
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