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Small City Connections
I live in a city but is a smaller city - metro area is only about 700k people. People are connected to each other and know each other. I applied for a job at another company and found out my current boss heard about it as she told a co-worker she thought I was interviewing on the day I did interview. I did my research on this new company and had looked at all of their executive team on their website, etc. Come to find out later, my boss was good friends with an HR executive at this company who I believe told my manager that I had applied (I figured out the common name via a Holiday invite). It is two years later and I would still like to work for this other company and they recently posted a job that looks tailor made for me. I submitted my application. I'm wondering what advice you have for me if once again I find out my manager was notified? I can tell you she doesn't want me to leave my role as she would have a hard time replacing me as the scope of what I deal with is quite broad. I'm not saying I'm irreplaceable - everyone is replaceable - it's just that it would be a long learning curve for someone new. Do I write off this company if I find out that once again she was informed? I'm fairly sure she will tell them not to hire me even though I get strong reviews (and additional responsibility) every year as she won't want to go through the pain of replacing. I'm tired of the stress of my current role and looking at retirement in maybe 10 years and would really like a job that is a bit more focused (not as broad) where I can see the difference I make - more strategic. I'm even willing to look at a compensation reduction if needed to take a good role, although at times based on the scope of my current role I feel like I am not at market anyway. Do I call anyone out on this? I too know people at this other company, including an HR person, although not the same one. It is a small town, even with 700k people. What advice do you have and have any of you had a similar situation? What did you do if so and would you handle it the same again?

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