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Mental illness and employment Hello everyone.
I have kind of a unique story (maybe) and would like some honest advice. Don’t sugarcoat it. I know this situation isn’t ideal. I have struggled with medical problems and depression/anxiety for years. It has been debilitating, but I kept going and finally earned my college degree. I have been to three different colleges. One I left due to extreme depression and unsolved medical problems. The second one I left due to sexual assault. The third one, I stayed at and got my degree. There were a few years between my attendance at the second and third university where I worked as a singer/performer. I was successful, but medical problems lead to difficulties with breathing and performing. I moved back home to figure out what was going on with my body. I thought maybe it was the physical effects of ptsd, but it turns out I needed a major surgery. I have to be careful with myself because if I do too much I end up sick. So while pursuing my degree, I focused solely on class work. Graduated with honors. If an employer were to look at my transcript, they would see all the times I left school. I also have a gap in employment (about a year). I was in school at this time, but it still looks bad to not be employed. My past managers have promised to give me glowing reviews as I had great relationships with them. I am a very very hard worker and care immensely about helping others. how do I approach gaps in my education and job history? How do I explain the fact that I am 30 years old and am just now earning a bachelor’s degree?

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