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Dottie Herrera
Matching Bruises
It’s a difficult day today a day of reflection and fear of the future. 14 years ago was the year my life turned upside down , looking back I thought it couldn’t get any worse that day my daughter and I looked at each others arms and saw matching bruises. Those bruises were from my ex husband and as she says ex father . That day is the day I planned to leave an abusive marriage not only for myself but mostly my children , especially my daughter who was only seven at the time . I had no job I was isolated from my family and friends . I began the road back to my roots as an entrepreneur in the garment industry. I moved back into my parents home lived in one room with my children. Life just kept throwing me into one heart ache after another, divorce my parents passed away lost my vehicle my credit was damaged all I could do is to keep trying abd trying . I’ve always dreamed of having my own clothing line after all I had over 20 years of experience as a pattern maker . I began to freelance for startup fashion companies but I always felt used and under appreciated. Years of being in an abusive relationship has caused me to have very low self esteem, I get counseling, I feel better abd then life’s disappointments just discourage me especially now with this pandemic how do I get out of this rut . I started to use my skills making masks I even started an Amazon store only to get hacked and shut down after two weeks of sales now I’m ranked very low I’m Lucky if I sell one mask a day . I’m trying so hard to launch a clothing line to give some kind of legacy to my children because quite honestly I have nothing to give them . Their father is out of our lives gratefully so but I can’t help to feel the abandonment and what an abusive marriage can do to a mother of two both financially and emotionally. Thank you for reading my heartfelt introduction.
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1 Comment

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