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I am a healthcare provider and have been running a solo practice for almost 3 years, in a semi rural area... It's been very hard work, but our client volume has tripled IN 3 YEARS, and new clients are coming all the time. WE have abysmal tech support and abysmal everything else, but we offer outstanding service. Outstanding human and clinical service. However, the larger company--which oversees this clinic--now has a new CEO and this individual is insisting upon an expansion. the company has a grant to fund this, due to rural location... The new CEO has placed another employee (with ZERO experience in this field) to oversee the "expansion" and this is profoundly disastrous. They are doing everything wrong but with federal grant money, they are forging ahead--(no strategic plan, no understanding of what is needed to grow the service--nada). I am not invited to any planning meetings, my input is not accepted or valued whatsoever. CEO does not answer any of my emails or requests for meeting or support. Literally NADA. I am a fly on the wall...though I still work 45 hours/week, doing it all alone. The stress is overwhelming. The market (to find a new job) is poor. I've reached out to HR and they are powerless to do anything. They SEE the issues; they acknowledge the managerial disaster. They acknowledge that the CEO is - rude and disinterested. They cannot effect any change for me. (one HR officer basically told me to quit, because "they don't care, and they won't see it until you are gone") And so, I am very seriously thinking of giving my notice. I can do nothing more; the direction they are heading is a complete disaster, and I am being asked to "join" in this disaster... This will be an utter disaster in every way (more than I can explain here, without providing obvious details). But how can I wrap my head (and heart) around a situation with no possible good outcome? Where clients count on me in this underserved area?? How do I leave? The market is poor right now and this area is profoundly limited. I have no pending job offers (been looking for a year; considering doing travel work for now). I don't want gaps in my resume. How do you explain leaving a position at this level without another offer in hand? (PS: I am a specialty provider) SOS.
User deleted comment on 02/14/21 at 5:04PM UTC

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