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60 Days In and I Want Out
I recently took a job with a pretty significant title jump, though for a much smaller company than where I’d been for 7+ years, and only a $5k raise. While I report to the CEO directly, nearly all of my interaction and work comes from someone else who has the CEO’s ear. That person is making me miserable. She makes me feel like I’m constantly failing, not meeting her unreasonable expectations, and just not good enough or smart enough to do the work. She works all the time, day and night because there’s so much work to do, and I feel like I’m expected to do the same. Meanwhile, the workplace culture is pretty nonexistent as many of us are remote right now with no end in sight, and I’ve barely gotten to know anyone. I’m also not totally sold on the product we sell (it’s just really not my style), and it seems like all the people who’ve been there a while are living and breathing everything our product stands for. I’m sure at least some of these feelings are from being new and making a job change after such a long time at one place, but I find myself already dreading each work day. I feel alone and incompetent, and can’t decide if I should get out now or try to make it work for a year in an attempt to hold onto the title bump and give the job a chance. If the former, I’m worried about how I might explain my desire to leave such a good-on-paper job after such a short time. Especially since it’s very likely the jobs I’ll be applying for will be closer to my previous role and title than this new higher one. What would you do?
User deleted comment on 12/03/20 at 3:23PM UTC

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