if you went up against a toxic manager/company, what was the outcome? | Fairygodboss
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if you went up against a toxic manager/company, what was the outcome?
I had to push back hard against a manipulative, vindictive manager who was always trying to undermine me. I got a transfer a month ago but there is still some fallout to deal with, i.e. retaliation issues I complained about in writing. Unfortunately, as you can imagine, there's some bad blood as a result of months of back and forth. Basically, leadership stopped talking to me because I wouldn't tolerate my boss and kiss her feet while she kicked me. I'm bound to cross paths with them again because we live in a relatively small city and people move between departments often, as I just did. I get the feeling word has already got out that I had an issue with my supervisor. For all I know HR dropped a letter in my file, as they and my boss were very close. Before the pandemic I think they all used to socialize together. Perhaps I caused myself some trouble; however, I had to go up against her, otherwise, I know she was trying to get me fired. I actually had terrific reviews for years, so I know it would have been personal, not performance-based. What are the outcomes to these situations? Am I on the road to being blackballed because I stood up for myself? Or do the open wounds fade away and die down within a year, especially if people move on?
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