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Should I be getting a complex about this?
Looking for advice. My boss asked me to be on a project with another individual, "Sandy", who is well known for not liking to share the limelight. It was advertised as a role where we would be co-owners of this project. Things were going ok at first, until I asked to be recognized as a peer in the signature line of a project communication to stakeholders. Sandy flipped out, removed my name from the communication and sent it out without additional team conversation. I told Sandy I didn't appreciate that and asked if everything was ok. She said things were fine, but she didn't understand why I was on the project. I mentioned it to my boss as concerning, but he asked me to standby while he addressed it. So far, things have only changed for the worse. Communications only come from Sandy. In addition, in our meetings, no one will ask for my input and if there is a decision to be made, only coworker is asked for approval. If I say something, everyone looks at Sandy and then treats it as if I shouted into the void. I'm not generally territorial but I feel like a ghost in meetings now and like all record of my work on this project has been erased. Boss seems unwilling to take any action (Sandy has accused him of issues in the past, so he too is afraid of her). Short of waving my arms around and saying "I'm still here" in each meeting, how should I move forward?

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