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Holiday Helpers-Help Us to Help You
One portion of my job is to help the public with problems with our app or delivery of their chosen product. Here are some hints from the other side of the email/phone: 1. Be respectful. You are asking me for help. I am your advocate in dealing with any problems, reaching the right groups and I truly have a desire to help you. If, however, you start off your email telling me that my product/company/service is crap or are downright abusive, I'm less likely to assist you to the best of my ability. Look, I understand you are upset, I'm a customer too and have experienced problems with other companies and products. I've been on the otherside of that phone and email complaining, but you'll get much better reception and attention than if you come off with respect. 2. Give me all the details. I can't tell you how many emails I receive that don't even give me their order number or assume I know what their name is when they just give me their email moniker. I routinely get people who seem to think I know what state they are in. I can't help you if you don't give the basic information to help you. 3. Please don't demand that I give you something for your trouble. I understand you are upset. You must realize that I am your advocate on the inside. I am doing everything in my power to try to make the situation right and make you happy. Our products are COD. You pay for the item when you pick it up. You have not paid for the item. You are not owed anything. I can direct you to the client who may be able to customer comp you but if you come off with the attitude you are owed, you probably aren't going to get very far. 4. Realize I am your advocate. I reach out to other groups to try to get you the answers you want and deserve but I am also reliant upon those groups. If I am not getting the information from those groups I will continue to contact them or in the case of a shipper contact that shipper direct. I will give you all the information I find out and try to get you the best situation. I may request your product be remade. I may request your product be expedited. I will do the best. Reacting in a way that is abusive, telling me I'm making excuses and demanding something for your "trouble"? At that point, we are done. 5. Finally, tell me what the best solution would be in your eyes. If I can do that for you I will. If I've already told you what I can do or given you the solutions I have available to me, hammering the issue will do you no more good. Also READ what I've told you. I've laid out what I can do in plain black and white. If you ignore what I've written and assumed I can do something else, you will be disappointed. If I tell you to contact the client that can authorize a discount or refund you, don't keep demanding my company do it because we don't have any authority or capability to do so. Simple logic. I truly hope this doesn't come off as unprofessional or rude but I see these issues every day. There is a better way to communicate to get the best results. We are truly trying to help you. Help us to help you.
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1 Comment

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