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Okay, needing to vent again.
Thank you for your patience. Today, I was not having a good day; one of my computer programs was down all day and I improvised the best I could. Later on, one of the managers from another branch called and asked for some supplies (20 minutes before I was due to leave and while I was trying to wrap up my own stuff). Needless, to say, I was not happy about that, but, I got the supply order ready and went back to my work. However, I let out a little frustration, and a few co workers had the balls (pardon) to snicker at me. Well, I did NOT think that it was funny, I did not say anything because I knew that what I would have said would not have been nice. One of them even had the nerve to call the manager and tell her what I did. I have had enough with these people. They talk about me behind my back about what I say and do. They don't say my name, but, I am not stupid. To make it worse, they are on one side of the room and I am on the other side of the room. In a previous post, I considered resigning at the end of this month, but, I decided to opt for early retirement ( I will be 55 in a few months). Now, I am considering resigning at the end of May, ( I will be at my job for 35 years).

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