said, remove the image, but changes are going to be needed in output as we move forward with design and marketing materials like these." This was for an annual invitation flyer that I lay out with updated info each year - I did streamline a lot from a previous design that had five typefaces. The previous years had a background image that had an even composition that didn't distract from the text. The project manager instead sends me lifestyle shots with a model centered in the photo. (BTW, this is for the same job which hasn't given me a raise in the six years I've been there; I'm not inclined to do my most creative work for them anymore.) I'm tempted to write the following: A few things... What you call "regurgitated" is me maintaining some consistency, so our invitees know what's being sent. If you want something that pushes the envelope, it would have been good for you to communicate that. I emailed asking him what background image he wanted, since he didn't like other lifestyle photos being used - he didn't get back to me. Instead, I get other lifestyle photos, gave them a treatment that would make them work as backgrounds, two of which he did prefer but you did not. Both of you should get together to determine what you want - again, communicate. I'm biting my tongue over whether I should mention my pay or not...." content="Fairygodboss" /> Another Thing That Makes Me Want to Rage Quit... | Fairygodboss