Even in the best of circumstances, finding yourself without a job is stressful. | Fairygodboss
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Joni Roberson Factor
Talent Strategy Expert
Even in the best of circumstances, finding yourself without a job is stressful.
If you have or are currently searching for a position in the midst of a global pandemic, then you are likely a ball of stress. My personal story included putting my succession plan in place. I executed flawlessly and then a global pandemic hit. I found myself ready for a new challenge at the most inconvenient of times. Thankfully, I transitioned from an amazing organization on the best of terms, which has been a consistent component of my support system.  I have been interviewing since mid September and without formal employment for the past 5 weeks. These five weeks have felt like an eternity. I was once between jobs in my mid twenties for about 5 months and felt so stressed from the situation that I called an ex boyfriend after finally ending communication, considered moving home and got the Shingles. In retrospect, I should not have called that ex. But seriously, I was older, wiser and I entered into this search strategically.  I filled my time practically. I had a daily schedule, goals, benchmarks and priorities. Can you tell why I got the Shingles in my twenties? I signed a contract today. I am excited for this next professional chapter. I cannot help thinking about the millions of people who found themselves unexpectedly unemployed. Many like myself, who have still not seen any unemployment benefits and those that are simply struggling to cover their families basic needs while bending over backwards to impress employer after employer with their charm, wit and overall awesomeness; i see you. To those of you in this boat - ask for help whenever and wherever you can, be willing to bet on yourself and be kind to yourself even in the face of failure.  I have so many reflections from this process. As a leader in the talent space, I knew I could learn a lot during this search and I promised myself I would chronicle the experience. In the coming weeks,  I will be sharing more about rejection, interview performance tasks and candidate perceptions. I'm interested in hearing more about your own experiences and hope you share.

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