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Restructuring and offered a different role at a lower level.
My company has recently gone through some major restructuring, some of which would have happened due to an acquisition, but primarily related to decline in business due to COVID-19. I am currently a Sr. Manager and accepted this position after a restructure last year. It was a promotion and more responsibility. While my current position was not in an area I wanted to be in long term it gave me an opportunity to advance and gain more skills. My position was just restructured this week and my team was moved under another manager. I was told my skills and experience are highly valued and was offered an open position on a different team. This position was originally a much lower level, but they were able to get the salary closer to where I was a year ago so it's not a drastic blow to my income. The title however is at a specialist level. They also offered me a bonus if I stay through the end of the year. I am of course frustrated that my coworker gets to take on what I spent a year building, but ego aside I am grateful there is an option to continue working. If I decline, there is a modest severance and outplacement services available. I plan to take the role to ensure I have continued employement. I am also told the role is critical to help through the organizational change. My main concern is how this will look on my resume if I take the lower level position. I don't want it to appear I was demoted. I want to ensure I am in a good spot to keep looking for my next opportunity outside my current company. Especially given there are bound to be more layoffs and restructuring. Thanks for the advice!

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