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Recourse for Cyber Crimes in the Workplace.
I was recently the victim of a cyber scam. I’ve seen how these guys work and laughed off several attempts, and often wondered how anyone could get sucked into such a thing. Then it happened to me. The difference here is that it happened at work. A little background, I started this position less than 2 weeks prior to the pandemic, so I never did build any real interpersonal relationships with my coworkers or get any true idea of the culture before we all started working from home. I learned my job at home, and have felt basically on my own the entire time. Here are the broad brushstrokes. A few weeks ago I received an email from the owner of the company asking me to run an errand for him. There were a few dots to connect, so this didn’t seem completely out of the ordinary, plus when I told my immediate supervisor what I would be doing that morning, she didn’t call me to ask any questions. The long and the short of it is this was indeed NOT the owner of the company and I wound up getting scammed out of an amount of money equivalent to about one paycheck. The CFO, who runs our office, put me through the ringer. I was interrogated about what happened, with the IT team, the legal team, HR, and my direct boss now all involved. Here’s the caveat: they didn’t reimburse me for the money. I’m not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, I’m sure they aren’t legally obligated to do so, but since the scam originated through THEIR servers, I would have thought they would feel some sort of MORAL obligation. I feel abandoned and humiliated and not sure what else to do but try to chalk it up to an expensive lesson learned.
User deleted comment on 12/11/20 at 4:34PM UTC

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