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Daphne Mintz
Researcher > Designer > Developer
"She's a single mother with two kids.
Where's she going to go?" Yes, once upon a time, I had a skip-level boss that said those very words when my name came up in a bonus incentive planning meeting. Two of the managers from that meeting told me about it, and both said they would go to HR with me to report him. Turns out, it was the best insult I ever got. As I came out of shock, I said, "He's right. He shouldn't have said that, but I bet a lot of people were thinking it." I thanked my colleagues for letting me know, but decided not to make a case with HR. Instead, I made a case with myself: get out of that situation. Within 6 months, I had a job offer with an $8,000 salary increase. Going into the new job, I promised myself I would always be able to walk away from a job. Since then, I've never let a year go by without interviewing with at least two companies. This practice has forced me to keep my resume up to date, my interviewing skills sharp, and more than once, landed me a new job, including a few that were career changes.  Of course, not every interview led to an offer, but every interview did catch me up on what skills were in demand, the going salaries, vacation policies, and the like. These interviews grew my network across industries.  And from each of the offers that I did get, but decided not to take, I was able to refresh my career in the current job with the reminder that I was there because I wanted to be, not because I had to be.

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