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Doing the Right thing is the New Wrong
I worked for a company for nearly 6 years. Emotionally and mentally that company ended up destroying me. It pushed me to depression anxiety drugs, I don’t remember the day I felt like wanting to live life rather than exist merely out of obligation for not putting my family through the worst. I did the right thing. I showed up to work on time, took interest in taking up as many shifts that people didn’t want. Called up religiously everyday asking if they needed me at all to come in. And believe me I gave up everything for this job a 8 year old relationship, friends and family. Only because I wanted the job security as a casual become full time. But in the end after 3 years of working as a casual and applying for the same role I did as a casual 21 times and get rejected. I got insulted, yelled at, ignored, bullied and then victimised for it. I didn’t get any support from anyone in management none of my team leaders liked me. I was always called as the last option despite never missing a shift for 3 years straight. I went to everyone for help the union HR and nothing. I got told as a casual I had no rights. Even though I lost everything for this job my anger was something that never let me give up. I was angry all the time to a point I could taste the bitterness in my words when I spoke. I have become a negative person. That anger got me the full time position after I blasted an email to the CEO of the company for being bullied. Then I wanted to progress in a place where it was ensured I didn’t. I defeated those odds got up skilled despite the team leader not wanting it. Short lived happiness I became excluded from the team by restricting my duties. I was made sure to not feel like a supervisor a senior employee. Still kept being spat at. COVID 19 happened the company got a chance to get rid of me despite me being a permanent employee using COVID as an excuse I first got stood down before being made redundant. From the time since being stood down to now. I did everything knocked every door there was to get back to work. I went to government agencies everywhere. Paying the union I had an incompetent union rep who did nothing despite agreeing the company is doing the wrong thing. So far I am sitting with an uncertain future because I did the right thing. So far I am pushing through fighting not to be treated like shit. So far I am trying to save little bit of self respect I have left for myself in my own eyes. So far I am alone so far I am defeated by doing the right thing. Lesson be an asshole in the company and you will go up in the career. Be incompetent and you will have a job. Do the right thing and be the loser I am today. I guess what people don’t understand is that it’s not easy to just pack up your stuff and move on. You can’t just leave a job that easily. Specially when your confidence is absolutely killed by that place you barely clear an interview. You cannot just leave your job without having another job ready for you. Or else what happens if you don’t find a job for a month ? Who pays your bills ? So now you’re scared about how quickly the time is passing by and you aren’t able to get another job and your rents due ?

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