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Virtual Interviews
This interview was pre-covid and I had to do a virtual interview before going to the final round of interviews which were in person. I was staying at home with my children, I set a convenient time and asked my father to watch them as I prepared for the interview in my room. I neglected to lock the door (1st mistake). Guess what happened mid interview after everything was going great! My then 4 year old busted through the door. I tried to make a little hand motion to tell him to go but he came right over into the interview. I had to tell him to go back outside i’ll be there in a few mid interview, I was crushed. The interviewer did not say anything and at first I was about to give up and just log off but I found it somewhere to just keep going and pick up the pieces. After the interview, I was sure I was not going to get a call back but I did. Long story short I got the job. Sometimes things happen in life and sometimes we find ourselves in less than ideal circumstances at important points in our lives. What I learnt from this interview is that, finding the courage and determination to persevere in times that you may think you have lost, just keep pushing. I was fortunate that I had a thoughtful recruiter and that I made a conscious decision to persevere regardless. You determine your outcome. Either way, if I did not get the call back, at least I knew I had the courage to continue at a very embarrassing point, and next time lock the door! lol

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