First off I am very thankful to have found this community. | Fairygodboss
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First off I am very thankful to have found this community.
I recently interviewed/was recruited for a job. I know the person that posted the job professionally (the position is their backfill). This person reached out to me about the job before it was officially posted. I found out I did not get the job, and they offered it to an internal candidate who had been doing the job interim for 6 months. In speaking with my mentor, they thought this was odd to post the job externally, only to hire internally. I can see the benefit of this method to confirm who you want to hire (in this case internally). I asked for feedback and was told they were very impressed by me - nothing to change nor work on. I realize this could be very difficult to tell someone you know. I was also told if it had been a few months earlier, I might have been the selected candidate for the position. The position also had ~10 direct reports. I have not had direct reports for a 5 years now, but I know how to manage people and have the training for my industry. 1. What is your take on internal hires - when they post the position externally, and say they want to hire the best candidate? 2. How else can I show that I am capable of managing people without doing it in my current role? I read plenty of leadership/management books and incorporate into coaching my coworkers who come to me with issues or leading projects/implementations. 3. I was interested in this job beyond the job itself (it is a dream job for me). I feel stuck in my current role, organization, and city. I want to be in a location that has more going on out-side of work. I communicated this by speaking to the organizations involvement in the community, not the social aspect the location provides. Any other tips on how to balance this in an interview? Thanks for your insight - always trying to learn and grow, to be my best self and the best candidate.

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