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Torn on asking for a larger raise
Hello everyone! This is my first post on here but I’m hoping to get some opinions/insight on how to navigate my current pay. Backstory: Without sharing too much, I work in marketing in the design/construction industry. I have been there for just over 2 years. I’ve been out of college for 6 years and prior to my current job have had 3 other full time marketing jobs, plus 3 part time marketing related internships. So when they offered me a starting hourly rate equaling $48k/year, I wasn’t thrilled but I accepted the offer without negotiating because 1) I really wanted the job and had been trying to get into the industry for a while and 2) it was higher than i was making at any of my previous jobs. After 1 year, I got a raise that made my salary right around $50k. I wasn’t really happy about it because I had performed really well during my first year and at my annual review I was given a few scores of “meets expectations”, but mostly received “exceeds expectations.” In addition, my position has a very high level of responsibility and ties directly into my company winning new work. I expressed during my review that i wanted to take on new tasks in addition to my current tasks (I get bored easily and had an interest in other areas of my department). Based on my skill set my boss agreed and i slowly began incorporating new tasks into my schedule in addition to the original position that they hired me for. So my plan was that at my year 2 review (which is taking place in early February), I would ask for a larger raise based on 4 main points: 1) While I thought my starting pay would be fair for an entry level employee, I was not entry level (3 prior jobs) and only accepted the initial offer because i really wanted the job. 2) The level of responsibility for my job and what it entails should have a higher pay grade in my opinion. 3) In addition to the tasks they hired me for, I have taken on several new tasks, meaning I’m doing my original job + more. 4). All of my feedback (comments from other employees, etc) and reviews have been above average. Even our CMO on several occasions has complimented my work and talked positively about me. I have done research on what other companies in my industry pay for positions similar to mine and they range anywhere from $45k-$65k, with the average being between $50-$56k. I have saved screenshots of every other job posting that I’ve seen to use as evidence if needed. Obviously my pay is within the range that I found, but it’s on the lower end of the average. Now that covid has hit, I don’t know if I should go with my original plan of asking for more money. Granted I don’t even know if/what raise I will be getting this year (usually they come around January/February), I imagine IF I get one it still won’t be what I’m looking for. My company has been affected by covid, but i would say not as hard as other industries. But definitely affected and we did not get any bonuses during 2020. I am lucky and grateful to still have a job but I do feel underpaid. So my question is do I fight for higher pay now? Or wait until covid calms down and things get better? Finally, how do I go about asking for said raise? It is not clear if our raises are dictated by our direct managers, HR, Finance, or the partners in the company. So idk who I would even ask. I don’t even want that much more, I would be happy with my pay being between $54-$56k/year. Sorry this was much longer than I expected!

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