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Would love some input from you all.
I have been in my career for nearly 6 years, and a standard trajectory is an advisor for minimum 5 years, then you are mostly eligible for director/leadership positions. My boss (the director) recently had a stroke and resigned. I am doing 100% of the work of the office, managing ~720 individuals for federal compliance and legal status within the United States. They have posted the position recently, and I have applied, but they had the choice to make it internal and chose instead to make it external. After I learned (was not told...learned) that my boss had resigned, I asked for a conversation about an interim title and pay increase because of the significant workload and was told it's not possible, and at most, they might consider a one-time "thank you" payment after the role has been filled. I feel like I'm not going to get fair consideration. Two of the three people on the hiring committee (and the only two whose votes have weight) are under my office's organizational umbrella and have told me the following: Mrs. B: "Because you're in law school, I told Mr. X that you wouldn't be interested. You should contact him if you plan to apply." Mr. X: "If you apply for that role, and are offered it, then the office is no better because there will still be a vacancy and you will be a one-person office for longer." I love my work, I love the people I help and care for. I feel like I have no option but to seek alternative work opportunities because I am doubtful I will receive a fair and objective review process. My former boss and I rebuilt our office from the ground up, improving services and general attitudes towards our work. I personally have rewritten/revamped nearly all internal processes for compliance and efficiency purposes. And I refuse to train an external hire who is offered this role if I'm not because that seems awfully insulting to determine someone else is more qualified and have their subordinate train them. What are your thoughts?

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