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Job Changes While Pregnant
Over the course of the last several months I have been applying for jobs in a more passive manner, selecting only highly desirable roles for me as I am comfortable where I am but would welcome a change, and would welcome a salary increase. I didn't receive a lot of feedback, but recently I have been asked to interview for 3 positions, all of which I applied to months ago, and which sound fantastic for me. The challenge now is that I am now 7 weeks pregnant and feeling like I need to let these opportunities go and stick with my current position which offers guaranteed maternal benefits (leave, etc.) and security. Before I hesitantly decline these exciting positions, I just wanted to get some opinions. It feels like in modern times a woman should be able to change careers and still be taken care of when it comes to maternity leave, but I understand the reality that I may not be eligible without having been at a new company for 1 year+. I also understand how stressful it would feel to start a new position and have to announce my pregnancy right away - it would potentially rob me of my new superiors trust. There's always the option of announcing my very early pregnancy in the interview process, but will that just exclude me from consideration and be a waste of time? I am a very open and honest person and I feel I am hiding important information by not disclosing this from the beginning, early or not. Thank you in advance for your thoughts...

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