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Should I stay or go?
I resigned and while doing so my boss (the CEO) offered an interesting counter - he asked me if I would consider staying and submit a proposal that would offer some of the things I was leaving for. 1) relocating/being bicoastal 2) altering my role 3) comp. He also gave me a raise that he and the president had previously discussed (he was supposed to do this with my review in September but never got around to it). I was definitely caught off guard by the proposal request and agreed with no promises, as I am excited for the job offer I have and accepted, but feel it is a good exercise to figure out what you want out of life/an opportunity and would even help me shape the way I approach the role at the new company. Even though the timing isn't great, and could have been avoided if he had spoken to me in September, the opportunity is here now. That said, I have been stuck on the proposal and now wonder if I should submit - 1) it could be rejected 2) if it's not, would I then feel compelled to stay? Some back story - I have only been at this company since September 2019 (shortest job stint in over 10 years) and started looking for a new job/continuing my job search after a meeting a week before I started working there. I was very close to quitting pre-covid lockdowns. The last couple of months have been actually a lot better and my only concern was if it would go back to the way it was pre-lockdown when we returned to the office and I wanted to have another position before a return to the office. This return has now been pushed back to June and now I have the ability to reframe my position. How much is this worth considering in a place that for most of my time I did not see at future or longevity? My role couldn't change immediately as we would need to hire someone + train who would work with me and take over some of the responsibilities. I am concerned about the follow through on the transition though I would have a document outlining it so that I could push for things but the job offer I am considering offer the things my current job is trying to match and I would have to go back on my acceptance, if I stayed. Would love ideas on how others would think about this. I know this is a great position to be in and I am definitely grateful but still struggling. Thank you!

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