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Help - Requesting Meeting with Boss
I'd like to request a meeting with my boss to review my current role and make sure I'm meeting his expectations. While I've been with my company for 17 years, my boss has been here less than 2. During this time I've only met with him one on one once. For my annual review, he had me write up my review then edited it down to one page and had me sign it. This was all done via email. He did this for all of his reports so I wasn't treated differently. He also isn't available to his reports with the exception of 2 individuals. He doesn't return calls and rarely responds to emails with more than 1-2 words - yes, approved, why. My job has changed a lot during the past 2 years - my job description isn't even relevant to what I'm now doing. Others have said to just let it slide and not contact him. I'm not sure that's a great plan. I'm thankful I have a job. I'm also very bored with my job. It's not challenging. I do receive a lot of very positive feedback from customers and other employees that i interact with which I find very encouraging. My boss has never commented on this feedback yet he's been copied on them. Again, others have experienced the same from him so I don't believe it's a personal slight towards me that he hasn't responded. I actually think he's not comfortable being over others and would prefer to work on projects alone. But he is my boss and does control my future. How should I go about requesting a meeting? Or should I even request one? I'm frustrated with the lack of feedback/direction I've been given. I also don't know where the job I'm currently doing is leading to. What comes after this?

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