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Am I being unreasonable?
I started a new position right as the pandemic began (end of March 2020) and when I interviewed, I thought this job would be a great fit - I had great conversations with the interviewers (in my opinion), the salary was good and it was in a different city, which was something I was intent on. Don't get me wrong, I was and still am grateful that I was able to get a job when I did. However, 9 months later, I'm realizing the position and/or my boss may not be the best fit and I can't help but feel disappointed and a little hopeless. At first, I thought my feelings of doubt might be a result of moving during the pandemic and being homesick, but it seems like the issues are greater. For example, I work in a biological tissue lab and my boss and I will take turns imaging samples, but he seems much more critical of my results than of his, even when the results are similar in quality, which often leaves me frustrated because it seems like he is holding me to unreasonable standards at times (he has 15 years of experience at this company; I have 9 months of experience at this company and I am working hard to try and meet his standards). I have tried to stand up for/explain myself, but he is dismissive during those conversations and doesn't offer guidance and I often leave those meetings feeling like I wish I hadn't even brought it up. Additionally, when I interviewed and first started at the company, they prided themselves on being flexible and understanding. However, this flexibility and understanding doesn't seem to apply to me. I had an issue with a water heater leak and I needed to be home to meet the maintenance person (I don't have any roommates right now) and so I came into the office, completed some things that needed to be done in the morning, and then requested to work from home for a couple hours while I dealt with the maintenance person. While my boss allowed me to do this, I could tell he was not pleased with this request (the expression on his face was, even though there wasn't any reason that I needed to be present in the office to get my work done that day. Before I left, he asked "what would you do if you were busy and this happened?" with a cold tone, and I responded that I would just let the water heater leak until I could get get home to deal with it, but this question and the way that he said it just made me feel guilty for even asking to work from home, sad and undervalued. This is the 1st time I asked for leniency and understanding like this and it is frustrating because at times, I am expected to be flexible and stay at the office until 6:30 or 7pm (I get in between 8am and 8:30am and sometimes don't even have time for a full lunch hour), which I am happy to do when there is work that needs to be completed, but I feel like I should get the same flexibility in return, especially when the work I need to do can be done remotely. Am I being unreasonable?
User deleted comment on 01/11/21 at 4:15PM UTC

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