Well, I am looking for an attorney to represent me on my case. | Fairygodboss
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Well, I am looking for an attorney to represent me on my case.
(I was working Janitorial) I have worked with these so called Managers and supervisors in the past and due to all the pandemic they were luckily hiring and I reached out as soon as found out. To make it short they will always come to the building where I was working and put pressure on me saying that I had to do the restrooms as washing, sweeping mopping detailing, stocking etc... pretty much what you do on the night shift. Now, not just that but I had to disinfect all door knobs, handles & dust off everything here and there, take out trash etc... the point is that they wanted me to do everything on the same day and I would always stood up for my self not letting them step on me, and tell them how do you expect me to do all that in 8 hrs.? Their response was always this, “that is why you’ve given the 8 hrs shift in order to keep the building up and running in excellent conditions. These is an electronics warehouse where they’re only days off is Sunday. Every week I will find them calling me that there wasn’t toilet paper, paper towels and to a point where I felt harassed by them. I had no complaints at all except for a couple of old dudes that liked to bother but I didn’t mind, I will always be very respectful towards everyone and everyone talked to me and many of them knew how often my supervisor will stop by to harass me with work. Also there were a few times when they had not sent me chemicals for over 2 weeks to mop, clean or even do the restrooms. I had to put from my pocket and bring chemicals from my house. Long story short, everytime I’ll ask for a day or 2 off cause of medical appts. With my children, they will try to deny me the days... including when I had an emergency at home one day. I was so stressed out, not just emotionally drained but exhausted from the job, heels pain, exhaustion of being working on a hostile environment by them, and than they tried giving me 2 warnings because there was 2 people who supposedly seen me all the time in the restroom, putting on my makeup on working hours, and that they will always find me eating and walking around doing nothing. Like wtf!!! Than wtf was cleaning your shit from the restrooms, your damm table where you were eating lunch and the fact that I will always see the same lady in the restroom on my breaks not putting make up, but taking an eyelash off my eyes and putting eye drops cause I wear prescribed lenses was to much of a coincidence. Well, I didn’t sign their warnings... and to top it off I had come positive with COVID and even knowing I had just come out positive they had sent me out to work and obviously the building manager kicked me out of the building immediately. So, reach out to them told them what happened and went home had a bad body ache that day, with the virus... knocked out and the next thing I know the next day they send me a text message saying that they’ve decided to just fire me due to my so called “behavior” when I went to the building. All I did was say this person send me in knowing that I had just tested positive with COVID. They sent me home I had a few people asking me why was I leaving I couldn’t say anything cause the guys was basically kicking me out the building!!! So any advices or bad ass attorney! Thank you...

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