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Christina Strickland
Vice President, Crackerjack Marketing
Marketing: Building Trust Using Social Media
I talk about it all the time and it's worth saying again … You have to build your consumers’ trust! If they don't know you, they won't buy from you. Period. Let’s say you’re looking for a new recipe. You have the ingredients on hand, but you honestly have no idea what to make for dinner. You jump on Google, start looking through images of meals and you keep seeing a particular dish pop up. The more times it's shown to you, the more it starts to sound really good. Maybe it’s that the food styling is amazing, maybe the recipe is very clear and easy to follow, maybe it’s just a really popular dish… but you’re sold. Even if it wasn't the BEST choice, it's now an option that you are craving. We all love to have clear expectations. Removing the unknown variables is THE first way of gaining a potential customer’s trust. The same applies to your brand. If your online presence is relatable, human and, most of all, consistent, you're already one step closer to gaining their attention, trust and in turn? Sales! How do you build trust within your community?
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1 Comment

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