Nepotism in schools | Fairygodboss
Mystery Woman
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That is a really challenging situation to be in, and I am sorry you and your colleagues are experiencing this! Not sure what stage you are in… but personally, I would start small and work strategically to make the shifts you seem to be hoping for. Knowing that your boss doesn't seem to have systems that hold them accountable, which perpetuate them not holding those in their "inner circle" accountable, my recommendation would be make it visible as much as you can. You noted work falls to you and others... use a management tool tracker that highlights who owns what work streams, timelines for when things will be completed, planned meetings or touchpoints etc. add in a notes section with updates. Build it to be a norm that your team uses it (whether that is grade level team, content, staff team as a whole, etc.). When you have systems that highlight work visibly it is harder for some to not follow through on what they should be owning. At the same time, if they leave work to fall to others, it would be documented within the tools through the updates and outcomes vs. what the original plan was and bonus, the work you all are completing can be tracked so it is not lost. Often times. when the work people are doing is put on display, they become more motivated not to look like they are slacking or become more aware to the impact they have on others. At worst…long term this gives you documentation on systemic issues, trends of who is or who is not doing the work, etc. This could then build to you having the ability to eventually talk to your supervisor (or someone above them) around what you are seeing with concrete data, removing opinions or feelings from it, which feels like it would be critical in this scenario. The management center has some great examples of tools that you can use- I would check out resources on delegation and project management, they have google templates you can download and use!
User edited comment on 11/19/20 at 11:26PM UTC