Should I reach out again regarding the same position I already got rejected from? | Fairygodboss
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Should I reach out again regarding the same position I already got rejected from?
Hi all - Happy New Year! I am going back and forth on something and thought I would get some feedback and opinions. I applied for a job back in December that resonated with me in every way. My skills, background, where I want to go in my career, and the company itself all align perfectly. I got an interview request an hour after applying so that gave me a lot of hope and confidence that they were feeling the same way based on my resume and cover letter. I had the initial phone screening interview and thought it went well. I prepped for hours for just the screening and went in feeling very prepared and know I conveyed how excited I was about the opportunity. I was nervous (I always am for interviews) and am wondering if I just didn't come across well in some way. Because a couple of days after the interview, they told me they would not be moving forward with me. I wrote back to convey my disappointment but thanked them for their time and asked for any feedback they may have. I never heard back. They then immediately reposted the position and it is still open on Linkedin (it's been about a month since I applied). I'm wondering if I should reach out again and ask for another chance? Or just cut my losses? I really do think I'm a great fit all around and am not sure what disqualified me. Most of all, I am excited about the position and the work the company does. Let me know what you think!

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