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possibly odd question
I hear over and over "move up the ladder" and "advance your career"... Almost to the point that it seems finding your "niche" and staying in it is a failure or lack of improvement. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on the push to be "top of your field" or "top of your organization"... Does staying in a "lesser" role and being the best you can at that role indicate a lack somehow? Lack of ambition, desire, drive? What is behind the drive to always advance, always looking for "more", "higher", or "top"? I am at a point in my career where my next move is either into a corporate role, or to a new company. I am extremely loyal, and the thought of changing companies is ... uncomfortable, to say the least. But the move to corporate might increase my chance to do part of what I love (creating, mentoring, team developing), but end another part of what I love (working directly with clients, problem solving on a one on one basis, getting to know lots of different people on a more personal level). Is choosing to stay at a specific level considered "giving up" or "lack of initiative"? I do know that if I stay where I am, I'm not being paid at the level of the work I'm doing, and that would def need to change. And I do have a possible job offer that would likely allow me to do what I love and get paid at the appropriate level. But my current employer is building future plans with me as a very important cog in the machine.... Sorry, this has really become two questions: 1) the philosophical question of "Does not pushing to advance and get to the "top" position indicate a "lack" of some sort, or is that a perfectly acceptable trait that doesn't make a person "less than"? and 2) the personal question of "How do I decide between 3 career paths (as someone nearing the end of her career time - I'm in my upper 50's) - staying put and risking not getting paid what my experience/contributions are truly worth, moving into a corporate role and losing a part of what I love doing, taking a role at another company that would probably allow for all that I love at a compensation I can accept, but knowing that I might be unable physically to do all they need and that it might entail a major move.... Plus knowing that my current employer is creating a future plan that includes me as a major contributor..... I'd love to hear thoughts on this, both philosophical and concrete.... And sorry for the anonymous nature. I'd prefer not to be anonymous, but everything is at a delicate stage right now, and I'd rather not upset things until I have to, lol!

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