5 Things I Learned from attending the virtual USC Marshall Center for Effective Organizations (CEO) ERG Leadership Summit | Fairygodboss
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5 Things I Learned from attending the virtual USC Marshall Center for Effective Organizations (CEO) ERG Leadership Summit
From October 19th to October 24th, I attended the CEO ERG Leadership Summit. The summit discussed how employee resource groups (ERGs) leaders can be agile in our changing business environment while increasing the value that they bring to their members. 1. The importance of having a space for members to show up and bring their authentic self - To be authentic, you must know who you are and focus on your emotional intelligence (EQ). What are your values? What is your working style? What is your communication style? Authenticity builds trust and connection. We want to create opportunities where you can be authentically you and we encourage you to add value to our organization by being an active member. 2. The significance of speaking up - Have you ever pretended to understand something that you really did not understand because you were afraid to speak up? We use a lot of acronyms and new ones are being developed and used daily. If you do not know what something means, do not be afraid to speak up and say you do not know or understand. Speaking up can start important conversations! 3. How to drive positive change through cultural awareness (CQ) - By focusing on what is unique to each person and each ERG, we can bring about positive change in diversity and inclusion. You can increase your cultural awareness by identifying your conscious and unconscious biases and learning from people’s experiences and differences. 4. How ERGS can provide professional development opportunities - ERG professional development can help fill skill gaps in the workplace. Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill or process outside the scope of your current role but did not know how? ERG members can coach and mentor other ERG members through one-on-one connections or ERG events 5. How vital it is to translate vision into action - How many members know the vision, mission, and goals of ERGs in the organization? By communicating the why behind our events and activities, we can stay focused on what matters most Interested in more information about the summit, visit their website: https://ceo.usc.edu/event/erg-leadership-summit-week-a-virtual-event/
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