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Accepting delayed new job offer while pregnant
I received a job offer for a new job that I was really excited about in March 2020, right as our city shut down for COVID reasons. I had not informed my current employers and the company offering the new job told me to hold off until they knew when they could take on new employees. I agreed to do so, as my kids were suddenly at home indefinitely and the uncertainty made a switch really daunting. So, since them, I have stayed in current position at my current company, where I am really unhappy/unchallenged. I stayed in touch with the new company periodically, asking for updates, expressing my continued interest, excitement about working with them, etc. Communication was fairly one-sided with me reaching out to them and them responding. 9 months later, they let me know that they would be willing to onboard me beginning any time in January. However, I shortly thereafter found out that I was recently pregnant. When I was far enough along to feel secure in the pregnancy, and as January approached, I contacted the new employers to ask more about the onboarding process, when they need a choice of start date by, and to transparently let them know that I am pregnant and would need to take leave in June/July. My contact at the new company seemed positive and told me that she would discuss with the board. But I have now been waiting a couple weeks (I reached out to her a week after our talk and have not heard back). I am wondering if it was a mistake to try to switch jobs during the pandemic/while pregnant, if I should have kept quiet about the pregnancy, if their lack of response is meaningful.

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