Your boss is a bully and has it in for you. | Fairygodboss
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Your boss is a bully and has it in for you.
But you excel in your job, you're a great fit and you have fantastic colleagues who stick by your side. How hard do you fight to keep the position? I went through this last year and ended up leaving the job. I loved the work and the people. My boss was a nightmare, though. I was well-liked, had the best colleagues ever, saw myself staying on for another year or two and was told by several people I was doing a wonderful job and they all hoped I'd stay. My boss, though, was threatened and tried to squash my accomplishments. She started to do the usual things to push me out-- gossip, overanalyze my work, remove me from projects, and she convinced a top manager that I was trouble. I did go to HR and filed a complaint. I did not want to leave. Of course, the pandemic made it much worse. The best parts of the job disappeared and I ended up on calls with only one person-- my boss who wanted me out. I think that was strategic. At the crux of it all, we should have gotten on well if she just let me do my job and managed from afar. So, I started applying for positions just to see what happened, and was offered two. I took one and left my job. I never felt happy about leaving. I had thought the bad boss would move on as her position and salary are dead end for the long haul. Of course, she didn't. I like my new job. It's a good fit, not great, though. I wish I stuck it out at the other place and saw my complaint through. I feel like I gave her what she wanted by leaving. I was on a good track and sometimes I think if I stuck it out a little longer things would have turned out better. I don't know. For those who have been through this, did you regret leaving what you worked so hard for? I had every right to be there, if not more, than she did. I've had ill-fitting jobs here and there-- this was not one of them. She stunk at her job and was not well-liked. If she left few, if any would miss her. But I was the one who had to go. Sigh.

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