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Developmental Plans
We do development plans as employees at my company. Purpose is to look at an employees current role. Then see where they want to be short term in next couple of years and long term in 5 years. Then they also get to recommend training or things they might like to do to help them get to their goals. Then as a manager you try to help guide them moving towards their goals. I recently received one from a direct report who previously filled it out with work goals with the responses at the end of this. This is someone who I always question if they are a right fit to where we are going as a company. I wonder if I should help them submit a better developmental plan before I escalate it up as I know coaching is part of my job or do I leave it as so it becomes obvious that they are not quite the right person which is what I have been saying quite a while. I have coached and mentored them for last several years and seen improvement but not sure they will ever totally get to where they need to be. Due to some internal stuff was not right time to remove them from the company. Their responses are below Short Term Goals (2-3 Years) Finish paying for kids college education. Vacation in Hawaii. Long-Term Goals (3+ Years) Purchase a secondary residence on a lake outside of city to avoid the ever increasing taxes in the state of Action Plans (eg. Trainings Needed, Project to Complete) I believe I have been trained out during the pandemic so no further training is needed.

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